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Environmental Responsibility

Nordic Naturals uses 100% wild Arctic Cod from the Arctic Ocean, between the Lofoten Islands outside of Bodø, Norway, and 100% wild anchovies and sardines from the Norwegian Sea and during their migration to the West Coast of South America.

The Arctic Ocean, Norwegian Sea, Southern Pacific Ocean, and waters above Eastern Antarctica are currently considered some of the purest oceans in the world, with virtually no overfishing taking place.

Nordic Naturals is greatly concerned about overfishing, and receives updated information on fish stock in Norway and neighboring waters every week. Consequently Nordic Naturals only harvests fish in areas that have a plentiful supply, and that are not the subject of overfishing.

Not all Cod Liver Oils are Created Equal

Few customers are aware of the fact that most cod liver oil (CLO) products are mostly made from fish other than cod, such as seit or haddock, as Arctic Cod is by far the most expensive raw material available. Since only cod liver contains high levels of naturally occurring vitamins A and D, other cod liver oil manufacturers have to add back synthetic vitamins to standardize the fish oil as cod liver oil. Nordic Naturals uses 100% Arctic Cod for all of its cod liver oil products. Our Arctic Cod Liver Oil contains the highest Omega-3 level of any CLO product, and is tested to ensure healthy levels of 100% naturally occurring vitamins A and D.

For more information, please review the following PDFs:

• Norway's strict fishing policy, global fishing, and oceanographic review.

• Cod Liver oil in the industry—"Why Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil".

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