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Condition Specific Support
Concentrates Plus Condition Specific Nutrients

Products in the Condition-Specific Support category are concentrated omega-3s, that deliver high levels of EPA and DHA blended with condition-specific nutrients, for a combined effect that is greater than each nutrient taken individually. These synergistic blends offer patients single-formula convenience, cost savings and improved results.

EPA: 735 mg
DHA: 525 mg
EPA: 280 mg
DHA: 560 mg
Optimized Curcumin Extract: 400 mg
EPA: 360 mg
DHA: 845 mg
FloraGLO Lutein: 20 mg
Zeaxanthin: 4 mg
EPA: 455 mg
DHA: 315 mg
Chromium: 200 mcg
A-Lipoic Acid: 300 mg
EPA: 650 mg
DHA: 450 mg
CoQ10: 100 mg
EPA: 540 mg
DHA: 360 mg
Glucosamine: 1500 mg
Type II Collagen:
10 mg
EPA: 585 mg
DHA: 405 mg
RYR: 1200 mg
CoQ10: 30 mg
Total Cultures: 12 billion CFU
Prebiotic FOS: 20 mg


Total Cultures: 15 billion CFU
Prebiotic FOS: 5 mg

Total Cultures: 15 billion CFU
Whole cranberry powder:
500 mg
Prebiotic FOS: 5 mg

Ubiquinol: 100 mg
Coenzyme Q10: 100 mg




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