Born in Norway. Raised in California.

Our founder and CEO, Joar Opheim, was born in Bodø, Norway, where he grew up taking fish oil to stay healthy. When Joar came to California to complete his MBA, he noticed that the pure omega-rich cod liver oil that Norwegians rely on to stay healthy was nowhere to be found. Low-concentration fish oil with an awful taste was all the market had to offer, but Joar knew he could make a difference. With each trip home, he would fill an extra suitcase with bottles of his favorite fish oil to share with friends in the U.S. This deep desire to share the power of pure, fresh omega-3 nutrients inspired Joar to found Nordic Naturals back in 1995, and still drives the company today.

Since day one, we’ve always sourced our ingredients with human and environmental health in mind to help make a positive impact for generations to come. Today, we continue our commitment to people and the planet by delivering a growing line of sustainably sourced and expertly formulated nutrients essential to health. If you are passionate about health and wellness, we invite you to join us for the opportunity to thrive in a career that’s good for you.