Nordic Rewards™

What is Nordic Rewards?

Nordic Rewards is a points program in which customers receive free or discounted products.

How much does Nordic Rewards cost?

Participating in Nordic Rewards is completely free.

How can I join Nordic Rewards?

When you create an account on the Nordic Naturals website, you are automatically enrolled in the program.

How does it work?

Website account holders automatically receive points for every purchase made through nordicnaturals.com in addition to other special opportunities. To collect reward points, be sure you are logged in on our website when you place an order. Additionally, you can sign up to receive emails to learn about upcoming bonus point opportunities. Read the full terms and conditions for details.

Who is eligible to participate?

Nordic Rewards is open to U.S. legal residents over the age of 18, who provide and maintain a valid email address.

What are the benefits?

Benefits include:

  • Free membership
  • 1 reward point for every $1 spent
  • No limit on points earned
  • 50% more reward points + 5% off bonus savings for automated subscriptions
  • Always free shipping + the ability to upgrade to expedited delivery
How many points do I need to earn a reward?

No minimum accrual amount is needed to redeem points for free or discounted products. Once you have enough points for a discount, you can claim it!

What are my reward points worth?
How do I earn points?

1 point is earned for every $1 spent on qualifying purchases.

Do points expire?

Reward points expire after 18 months.

Where can I view my points balance?

You can review the status of your reward points anytime in your account under the Nordic Rewards section. Here you will find your points balance and history.

How will I know when I can use my points?

You can begin using your reward points as soon as they have been earned and appear in your account.

When will points appear in my account?

Reward points earned from purchases will post to your Nordic Rewards account within approximately 72 hours from the initial date of purchase, delivery, or shipment.

What happens to my reward points if I return my items?

If an item is returned, associated points may be deducted from your Nordic Rewards point balance.

What is the maximum number of points I can earn?

There is no maximum number of reward points you can earn, but points expire 18 months after they are earned.

How do I opt-out of the program?

If you do not want to participate in this free program, call our Customer Support team at 888.294.7440.

Can I apply Nordic Rewards to my subscription orders?

Unfortunately, Nordic Rewards cannot be applied to subscription orders at this time. We are hoping to have that capability in the very near future.