How do I create a subscription to a product?

On the product page, you will find an option for a one-time purchase or you can select a delivery interval. Select your preferred product options, then in the Subscription area, select the delivery interval you prefer, and click the Add to Cart button. You can find subscription details on the order as well as in My Subscriptions under My Account. You will receive an email 7 days before the next delivery is to be billed and shipped.

How do I edit a subscription?

You can modify your shipping or billing settings, pause, or cancel your subscription in My Subscriptions, under My Account. Click the "Manage" link to review the details of your subscription: billing and shipping information, delivery frequency, and when your next order will be shipped. Here you can also Pause the subscription – in case you're going to be out of town or don't yet need a refill. To reactivate a paused subscription, simply return to this page, and click Reactivate. 

To modify your shipping address or billing information, click the "Edit" link. Here you can select which credit card is used for that subscription – you must add it to the Payment Data screen under My Account first – or update your shipping address. Please note that updating the shipping address for a subscription will only affect that subscription. If you've moved, it's best to update your shipping and billing details in My Account > Address Book and Payment Data, then update your subscriptions. To change the delivery frequency for your subscription, call Customer Service at 888.294.7440.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can cancel your subscription anytime in My Subscriptions, under My Account. Click the "Manage" link to the right of the subscription you wish to cancel, then click Cancel Subscription at the top right.

Can I subscribe to products as a guest?

Unfortunately guest checkout is not available for subscription orders. Our system simplifies the process for you by automatically billing your credit card and shipping your order when it's due. To do that, we require up-to-date billing and shipping information in your account.