Website and Account

I had an account on the prior NordicNaturals.com website — do I need to re-enter my details?

All you need to do to access your account on our new site is reset your password! We’ve taken care of transferring your addresses over — if there are any issues, please contact our Customer Service team.

My new password isn’t working — how can I reset it?
I’ve forgotten my log-in details — how can I access my account?
I’m not seeing my order history — how can I access this information?

You are now able to track your orders within your account, but only on purchases made after our new site launch — click here to review your order history. If you notice any issues with this feature or if you see incorrect information, please contact our Customer Service team.

I’m having trouble navigating the new site — where can I find information to help me get around easier?

If you’re having any issues finding your way around our new site, our Customer Service team will happily answer any of your questions — give them a call at (800) 662-2544 ext. 3, or send them an email.