New, Groundbreaking TAV Test Developed by Nordic Naturals®, Nutrasource Diagnostics HPLC Analysis for True Anisidine Value Meets Industry Need for Ensuring Accurate Freshness Testing of Flavored Omega-3 Oils

October 8, 2013

New, Groundbreaking TAV Test Developed by Nordic Naturals®, Nutrasource Diagnostics 
HPLC Analysis for True Anisidine Value Meets Industry Need for Ensuring Accurate Freshness Testing of Flavored Omega-3 Oils

Watsonville, CA (October 8, 2013) Nordic Naturals, industry leader in omega-3 oils, and Nutrasource Diagnostics (NDI), a leading research organization, have partnered to develop groundbreaking testing methodology, the True Anisidine Value (TAV) Test, for properly analyzing p-Anisidine levels in flavored omega-3 dietary supplements. The new test successfully overcomes the obstacles that had previously confounded conventional testing methods, often leading to false positive results for rancidity in flavored formulas. This new method, based on HPLC analysis, properly distinguishes lipid oxidation from other factors such as flavors, antioxidants, or vitamins that interfere with this measurement in finished omega-3 formulas. The limited utility of the existing Anisidine (AV) test, along with misunderstanding of when to use it, fueled Nordic Naturals to partner with NDI to create new and improved technology. Until this important collaboration between the two industry leaders, there was no industry standard for testing flavored fish oil products.

According to NDI President and CEO William Rowe, “The True Anisidine Value test will revolutionize the way in which flavored oils are tested and substantiated for stability. It provides a direct measurement of stability, free of the interferences traditionally found in the method used by the American Oil Chemists’ Society (AOCS).”

“Nordic Naturals has always demonstrated full accountability with regard to product quality, backed by cutting-edge technology and research,” said Joar Opheim, CEO of Nordic Naturals. “In light of this corporate commitment and as an industry leader, we have made resolving this issue a priority. The addition of the TAV test is a huge leap forward for the entire industry and will move us toward adopting it as an industry standard.”

The Global Organization for EPA and DHA Omega-3 (GOED), and the Council for Responsible Nutrition (CRN) have been presented with the new TAV testing methodology for inclusion in industry monographs for fish oil. Acceptance by these two organizations, along with other important trade groups, will not only advance the industry with improved testing for freshness, but also will provide greater overall transparency and increased confidence for fish oil consumers.

Established in 2002, Nutrasource Diagnostics Inc. (NDI) of Ontario, Canada is a contract research organization and regulatory consulting firm specializing in regulatory consulting, product testing, clinical trials and human diagnostic tests. The company is also the developer and exclusive provider of the world-renowned International Fish Oil Standards Program (IFOS).

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