Brain, Memory & Mood Support

At least 20% of your cerebral cortex is comprised of one fatty acid—omega-3 DHA—which contributes to important functions like decision making, intelligence, and speech.* Nordic Naturals products for brain, memory, and mood provide significant amounts of this vital fatty acid, along with other key nutrients found to promote day-to-day cognitive functions, memory, focus, and the health of brain cells.*

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  1. Omega Memory with Curcumin
    260 mg EPA + 570 mg DHA

    Synergistic formula to promote memory and cognition*

    From $49.95
    • Cognitive Clarity*
    • Neurological Health*
    • Memory Function*
    • 400 mg Optimized Curcumin
  2. Omega Focus Junior
    225 mg EPA + 545 mg DHA

    Unique blend of concentrated fish oil plus key nutrients to support attention and learning*

    From $39.95
    • Brain Health*
    • Learning*
    • Mental Focus*
    • DMAE and Phosphatidylserine

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