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Planning for your little ones typically starts long before they’re born. Everything from diet, to the best prenatal vitamins and supplements, is top of mind for expecting moms.  Endorsed by the American Pregnancy Association, Nordic Naturals prenatal and postnatal products are specially designed to support a healthy pregnancy and fetal development, provide mood support for moms in the postnatal period, plus supply the all-important omega-3 DHA for newborn health and wellness.*

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    • NEW
    Baby's Nordic Flora Probiotic Powder
    4 billion CFU

    Safe and effective digestive support for babies and toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years*

    From $9.95
    • Immune Support*
    • Digestive Health*
    • Healthy Gut Microbiome*
    • Widely Researched Strains
  1. Baby's Vitamin D3
    400 IU Vitamin D3

    Just one drop helps your baby build strong bones and develop healthy sleep cycles*

    From $15.95
    • Bone Health*
    • Normal Sleep Rhythms*
    • Healthy Immunity*
    • NEW
    Vegan Prenatal DHA
    500 mg DHA

    Plant-based DHA for vegetarians and vegans to help support a healthy pregnancy*

    From $34.95
    • Fetal Development*
    • Healthy Pregnancy*
    • Healthy Immunity*
  2. Baby's DHA Vegetarian
    250 mg EPA + 520 mg DHA

    Supports your baby’s brain and eye development in an easy-to-use, plant-based omega-3 liquid*

    From $29.95
    • Brain Health*
    • Eye Health*
    • Nervous System Development*

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