NSF Sport Certified

Nordic Naturals NSF Certified for Sport products are specifically designed to meet the nutritional and physiological needs of professional athletes and active adults. This line of omega-3 formulas and energy-providing compounds has been third-party tested by NSF International to guarantee pure, safe, and effective NSF supplements that are free of banned substances.

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  1. Nordic CoQ10 Ubiquinol Sport
    100 mg Ubiquinol

    100 mg CoQ10 ubiquinol for athletic performance in a mini soft gel

    From $59.95
    • Cardiovascular Health*
    • Cellular Energy*
    • NEW
    Ultimate Omega 2X Sport
    1125 mg EPA + 875 mg DHA

    Our highest-intensity omega-3 concentrate is now Certified for Sport by the NSF

    From $52.95
    • Brain Health*
    • Healthy Heart*
    • Flexible Joints*
    • Healthy Muscle Activity*
  2. Ultimate Omega-D3 Sport
    850 mg EPA + 425 mg DHA

    A winning combination of high-intensity omega-3s and vitamin D3 that's Certified for Sport by the NSF

    From $32.95
    • Body Composition*
    • Endurance*
    • Focus*
    • Healthy Muscle Activity*
    • Joint Mobility*
    • 1000 IU Vitamin D3

3 Items

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