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You’ve probably heard that good nutrition is important for healthy skin. Did you know that the condition of your skin is actually an indication of your nutritional health and need for essential fatty acids? Nordic Naturals omega and collagen products for hair, skin, and nails are the perfect addition for staying beautiful and healthy on the inside and out.*

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  1. Nordic Beauty Borage Oil
    2300 mg Borage Oil + 480 mg GLA

    Nourishing, 100% vegan GLA from borage seed oil

    From $29.95
    • Optimal Wellness*
    • Joint Health*
    • Healthy Skin*
    • Best Seller
    Complete Omega
    610 mg EPA + 405 mg DHA

    A perfectly balanced blend of fish oil and borage oil for positive mood and radiant skin*

    From $18.95
    • Positive Mood*
    • Radiant Skin*
    • Joint Mobility*
    • 70 mg GLA

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