Those of us who lead a vegan lifestyle know how challenging it can be to get complete nutrition through diet alone. Incorporating supplemental vitamins and other nutrients helps offset nutritional gaps that can occur in even the healthiest vegan diets. Nordic Naturals vitamin B complex (with B12), vegan vitamin D3, and algae-based omega-3s like our vegan DHA provide additional nutrients your diet may need.

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    • NEW
    Vegan Prenatal DHA
    500 mg DHA

    Plant-based DHA for vegetarians and vegans to help support a healthy pregnancy*

    From $34.95
    • Fetal Development*
    • Healthy Pregnancy*
    • Healthy Immunity*
  1. Nordic Flora Probiotic Woman
    15 billion CFU + 10 mg Prebiotic FOS + 400 mg D-Mannose

    Travel-friendly blend of 7 research-backed probiotic strains and D-mannose

    From $39.95
    • Urinary Tract Health*
    • Digestive Wellness*
    • Healthy Immunity*
    • 400 mg D-Mannose
  2. Nordic Beauty Borage Oil
    2300 mg Borage Oil + 480 mg GLA

    Nourishing, 100% vegan GLA from borage seed oil

    From $29.95
    • Optimal Wellness*
    • Joint Health*
    • Healthy Skin*

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