Getting all the right nutrients from your diet can be difficult for anyone, and it’s a special challenge for vegans and vegetarians. Nordic Naturals line of AVA (American Vegetarian Association) certified products makes it a little easier, with delicious and nutritious vegetarian supplements like probiotics, vitamins, algae-based omega-3s, and other nutrients. These top-quality vegetarian products deliver the nutrients you want without the stuff you don’t.

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    • NEW
    Magnesium Complex
    225 mg Magnesium

    A blend of three highly absorbable forms of magnesium to support healthy heart and muscle function*

    From $21.95
    • Healthy Heart*
    • Positive Mood*
    • Muscle Relaxation*
  1. Nordic Flora Digestive Enzymes
    Nordic Enzyme Blend: 300 mg

    Wide-spectrum vegetarian formula supports digestive system function*

    From $29.95
    • Digestive Function*
    • Optimal Nutrient Availability*
  2. Nordic Flora Probiotic Comfort
    15 billion CFU + 5 mg Prebiotic FOS

    Travel-friendly broad-spectrum probiotic with prebiotic for digestive comfort*

    From $39.95
    • Regularity*
    • Digestive Comfort*
    • Gut Biodiversity*
    • Healthy Immunity*
    • Best Seller
    Nordic Flora Probiotic Daily
    12 billion CFU + 20 mg Prebiotic FOS

    Daily probiotics to help replenish, balance, and maintain a healthy gut*

    From $29.95
    • Digestive Wellness*
    • Immune Support*
  3. Nordic Flora Probiotic Woman
    15 billion CFU + 10 mg Prebiotic FOS + 400 mg D-Mannose

    Travel-friendly blend of 7 research-backed probiotic strains and D-mannose

    From $39.95
    • Urinary Tract Health*
    • Digestive Wellness*
    • Healthy Immunity*
    • 400 mg D-Mannose
  4. Vitamin B Complex
    Blend of 8 B vitamins

    Activated B vitamins formulated to support daily cellular maintenance.*

    From $29.95
    • Normal Cellular Metabolism*
    • Healthy Energy Production*
    • Brain and Nervous System Health*

6 Items

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