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New Research

A recent study published in the journal Lipids in Health and Disease has added new evidence of the power—and value—of Nordic Naturals triglyceride-form best-selling Ultimate Omega®. Already ranked as the #1-selling omega-3 in the U.S., Ultimate Omega is now shown to be more effective than a variety of leading competitor products, providing significantly greater increases in blood levels of the long-chain omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA.

Ultimate Omega

  • 47% more effective than ethyl ester fish oil
  • 227% more effective than salmon oil
  • 382% more effective than krill oil

Cost Comparison

To Match EPA+DHA Levels Achieved by Taking Ultimate Omega
Product Label Recommended Dose (caps/day) Cost/ Bottle Cost/ Cap # of Caps Needed Total Cost
Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega 2 $27.95 $0.47 2 $0.94
Ethyl Ester Fish Oil 1 $31.31 $1.04 2 $2.08
Salmon Oil 2 $31.95 $0.53 7 $3.71
Krill Oil 2 $38.50 $0.64 10 $6.40

Based on product SRP pricing of 30 servings, as of July 2014

Dosing & Molecular Form

Responsible dosing has always been a hallmark of Nordic Naturals. Our omega oils meet the international expert-recommended daily minimum of 500 mg EPA+DHA for adults. Concentrated Ultimate Omega far exceeds this minimum amount, however not all products on the market do, even when they are labeled correctly. As this study shows, the specific molecular form of the fatty acids in any omega-3 product determines how well the body can incorporate EPA and DHA into the blood. This is why triglyceride-form Ultimate Omega is superior.


The ability of your body to absorb the omega-3s that you consume affects not only your health, but your finances too. Because other omega-3 products are less effective, to get the same amount of omega-3s as you do in one daily serving of Ultimate Omega, the cost equivalent is many times more. Compared to a $.94 daily dose of Ultimate Omega, a comparable dose of the ethyl ester product costs $2.08 while salmon oil is $3.71, and krill oil is $6.40.


The study also evaluated biomarkers of heart health over the 28 days that participants supplemented with each omega-3 product. Only Ultimate Omega resulted in none of the participants receiving a poor heart health score while supplementing, and it garnered the greatest number of positive heart health scores of the four products tested.* Overall, Ultimate Omega proved to be more beneficial for heart health than any of the three other products.*

Learn more! Download the PDF of the executive summary.

Learn more about Ultimate Omega.


*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure,
  or prevent any disease.