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    Nordic Naturals® Online Training Program      

New 24/7 online tool will help you provide customers with expert advice. Learn at your convenience. Have fun. Earn free product. Win prizes.

Nordic Naturals is excited to partner with eXperticity to help retail staff become omega-3 experts. Together, we bring you 24/7 online training where you earn free products as you learn.

Complete all of our interactive online training modules. You'll learn how to best match your customers with our award-winning products, get up-to-date information on omega oils, and sharpen your in-aisle sales skills.

You will be rewarded with three, full-size products for successfully completing the training!

Participate monthly in contests with co-workers and other retail stores. Win prizes and—if you get the fastest time or highest accuracy—see your name on our site's Top Performer list!

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