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    Nordic Naturals®Authorized Resellers      

Nordic Naturals is committed to delivering the world’s safest, most effective
omega oils.


To safeguard our commitment to customers, we work exclusively with authorized retail stores and online e-tailers that guarantee the highest levels of freshness and product quality you have come to expect from Nordic Naturals.


To ensure you are getting the freshest Nordic Naturals products possible, please only purchase Nordic Naturals products from an authorized retail store (see our store locator for authorized stores); through a Nordic Naturals authorized online e-tailer; or directly from Nordic Naturals.


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  • Only authorized resellers ensure that products sold adhere to Nordic Naturals’ strict quality standards, and that they are never short-dated, expired, damaged, opened, used, stolen, pirated, or counterfeit.

  • Only authorized resellers are aligned with Nordic Naturals commitment to providing exceptional customer service.

  • Only authorized resellers have access to the proprietary materials necessary to properly educate clients about Nordic Naturals products.

Purchasing Nordic Naturals products from unauthorized resellers comes with risks, and provides no guarantee of Nordic Naturals product quality or customer service.


Unauthorized online e-tailers conceal their identity and frequently change their store names while providing limited contact information that makes it difficult for customers to get responses to their concerns, return damaged products, or simply exchange products.


The list below identifies online e-tailers NOT recognized as Nordic Naturals resellers, and which should be avoided when purchasing any Nordic Naturals products.


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Unauthorized e-tailers


  • AMZ Super Saver
  • Babyhaven
  • Beauty In Focus
  • Beauty's 7
  • BHealthy
  • Brandzilla
  • BSG Decor
  • BuyIt Now
  • Chewy's Toy Chest
  • Choco 1996
  • Consumer Central Goods
  • Crown Organic Exchange
  • Deb's Books and Collectiblers
  • DontPayRetailEver
  • E Vitamin Store
  • E-Pharma Co
  • E-Tree Center
  • EviBest
  • EVitaminStand
  • Express Health and Nutrition
  • EyeCare&More
  • Feel Good Natural Health Store (Tax Free!)
  • Flash Deals
  • ForHoME
  • Genesis Labs
  • Good Vitamins
  • goodsretailstore
  • GoTek
  • Greenway herb
  • Health Nut
  • Health Zone
  • healthmaxx12
  • Healthy Grass
  • Healthy Happy
  • Healthy Supplements
  • Henpenze
  • HerbsDaily
  • Holistic 4 All
  • Holistic Pet Info
  • Home Of Coffee
  • HRMC Certified
  • I Buy Direct
  • I-Deal Savings
  • iMarkets
  • iShip2China
  • J&K Deals
  • Joy Health Mall
  • Jubal Nation
  • JZ Care
  • LeftHealthy
  • Medicalproducts
  • Mid State Sales
  • My Nutrition To Go
  • Natural Health Online
  • Natural Tree
  • NaturalHealthStore
  • Nature's Nutrition
  • Natures Best
  • Nutrition Prime
  • Nutrition Suppliers
  • Nutritional Solutions
  • Online General Store
  • Ozarkstore
  • Performancesupps
  • PharmaFrag
  • Pharmapacks
  • Planet Stuff
  • PrestigeWorld
  • Primary Health
  • Prioirty One
  • Proud Shines
  • Proud shines
  • Psyduckonline
  • Pure Vitamins
  • Relevant Penguin
  • RxPharm
  • SandB Wholesale
  • shopme
  • SkyHighNutrition
  • Southwest deals
  • Spring of Health
  • Summerhaven
  • Sunshine Daisies
  • Super-Shoppe
  • SuperQuickShip
  • Supplemental Savings
  • Susan's Bargain Place
  • Synergy Direct
  • The Moon Shoppet
  • The Smart Market
  • VirtueLuxe
  • Vision Nutrition
  • Vita City
  • Vita-Way
  • VitaCo
  • westcube
  • Wholesale Cheapest
  • Your Way To Wellness
  • Zaque Sales


  • The sale of Nordic Naturals products on Bonanza is strictly prohibited.


  • Our eBay storefront is the only authorized seller of Nordic Naturals products on eBay.


  • The sale of Nordic Naturals products on eBid is strictly prohibited.


  • The sale of Nordic Naturals products on Groupon is strictly prohibited.


  • The sale of Nordic Naturals products on Kmart is strictly prohibited.


  • The sale of Nordic Naturals products on Newegg is strictly prohibited.


  • The sale of Nordic Naturals products on Overstock is strictly prohibited.


  • The sale of Nordic Naturals products on Sears is strictly prohibited.

Shop Your Way

  • The sale of Nordic Naturals products on Shop Your Way is strictly prohibited.


  • The sale of Nordic Naturals products on Walmart is strictly prohibited.


  • All Star Health
  • AmeriLifeVitamin
  • Celinda Jones Emporium
  • Cleanse Market
  • dealscube
  • Dkonatural
  • Eden Buy
  • eNutraMart
  • Happy Vitamin
  • Health Naturals
  • Health Vitamins
  • herbose
  • Ideal Vitamins
  • Jone's Warehouse
  • labdoor
  • LP Supplements
  • MaxNature
  • Multi Vitamins Discount Mega Store
  • National Discount Vitamins
  • Natural Health Trust
  • NutriCelebrity
  • OpenSky Project
  • Shopme
  • TakeHerb
  • Tscshops
  • VitaDigest
  • Vitaminsforus
  • Zabiva