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in the coming months as we work through our existing inventory, you can expect to receive products with Nordic Naturals’ new professional label in your order.

Thanks to your input, these products are now organized based on our new Product Classification System, designed with convenient dosing and product selection in mind.

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Pediatric Support

Children's Products

Products in the Pediatric Support category offer unique delivery options and dosing tailored to children at various stages of growth and development. Made with delicious all-natural fruit flavors, they please even the pickiest palates to help ensure compliance.

EPA: 350 mg
DHA: 485 mg
Vitamin D3: 300 I.U.
DHA Infant™
EPA: 80 mg
DHA: 120 mg
DHA Junior®
EPA: 170 mg
DHA: 255 mg
DHA Junior® liquid
EPA: 165 mg
DHA: 375 mg
DHA Jr. Xtra
EPA: 340 mg
DHA: 245 mg
ProOmega® Junior
EPA: 586mg
DHA: 456 mg
ProOmega®2000 Jr.
Total EPA+DHA: 68 mg
Nordic Omega-3 Gummies™
Total EPA+DHA: 63 mg
Nordic Omega-3 Gummy Worms™
Total EPA+DHA:
103 mg
Nordic Omega-3 Gummy Fish™
EPA: 150 mg
DHA: 100 mg
Nordic Omega-3 Fishies™
Multivitamin Gummy
Nordic Berries™
Vitamin C: 250 mg
Vitamin C Gummies
1.5 billion live cultures + prebiotic fiber
Kids Nordic Flora Probiotic Gummies
EPA: 145 mg
DHA: 355 mg
Children's DHA Gummies
Vitamin D3: 400 I.U.
Vitamin D3 Gummies KIDS
Multivitamin Gummies
Zero Sugar Kids Multi Gummies
Vitamin D3: 400 IU
Baby’s Vitamin D3
Total Cultures: 4 billion CFU
Baby’s Nordic Flora™ Probiotic Powder
EPA: 225 mg
DHA: 545 mg
DMAE: 10 mg
Phosphatidylserine: 100 mg
Omega Focus Junior
EPA: 120 mg
DHA: 280 mg
Lutein: 5 mg
Zeaxanthin: 1 mg
Children’s Eye Health Gummies
EPA: 250 mg
DHA: 100 mg
Children's DHA™ Vegetarian
Vitamin D3: 400 IU
Baby’s Vitamin D3 Liquid




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