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Optimal cellular health starts with a fully functional digestive system that allows the body to process and absorb the nutrients it receives.

Introducing Digestive Enzymes

The Smart Alternative to Animal-Sourced Enzymes

The inaugural product of our new gray label GI Support category, Digestive Enzymes, features a select group of high-quality, vegetarian enzymes that work across a broad pH range, mimicking enzymatic functions normally found throughout the human digestive system.*

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GI Support

Digestive Health Products




Products in the GI Support category are specially formulated to promote optimal gastrointestinal (GI) balance and digestive health. A fully functional digestive system allows the body to process and absorb the nutrients it receives, establishing a foundation for optimal health, beginning at the cellular level. GI Support products offer natural support for healthy intestinal functioning and overall wellness.*

Nordic Enzyme Blend: 300 mg†
Nordic Flora™ Digestive Enzymes
Total Cultures: 12 billion CFU
Prebiotic FOS: 20 mg


Nordic Flora™ Probiotic Daily

Total Cultures: 15 billion CFU
Prebiotic FOS: 5 mg

Nordic Flora™ Probiotic Comfort

Total Cultures: 15 billion CFU
D-Mannose: 400 mg
Prebiotic FOS: 10 mg

Nordic Flora™ Probiotic Woman




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