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    Nordic Naturals New Products
  Vegan Prenatal DHA    

Plant-based DHA for vegetarians and vegans to help support a healthy pregnancy*

Supports optimal brain and visual development in babies*
 Supports a healthy pregnancy for both mom and baby*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Omega Focus    

Unique blend of omega-3s plus key nutrients to promote mental focus*

1280 mg omega-3s plus citicoline and Bacopa monnieri extract
 Supports cognitive function and healthy brain cell structure*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Baby’s Nordic Flora Probiotic Powder    

Safe and effective digestive support for babies and toddlers ages 6 months to 3 years*

4 billion CFU
 Allergen free, Non-GMO and vegan


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Magnesium Complex    

A blend of three highly absorbable forms of magnesium to support healthy heart and muscle function.*

Supports healthy muscle function, relaxation, and energy production*
 Promotes healthy cardiovascular function, cognition, and mood*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Concentrated Cod Liver Oil    

The world's first concentrated cod liver oil provides more omega-3s in every serving.

Made exclusively from 100% wild-caught Arctic cod
 Promotes heart and brain health, and supports the immune and nervous systems*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Marine Collagen    

Formulated for optimal absorption, Nordic Naturals Marine Collagen delivers small, hydrolyzed collagen peptides and vitamin C to help stimulate and support collagen-producing cells throughout the body.*

4200 mg bioactive collagen peptides
 With natural vitamin C to aid normal collagen formation and provide antioxidant support*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Algae DHA    

Algae DHA delivers a vegan alternative to fish oil to promote brain and cognitive function, eye health, and optimal wellness.*

Vegan omega-3 DHA formula derived from microalgae
 Supports brain, eye, and nervous system function*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Zero Sugar Kids Multi Gummies    

Tasty multivitamin gummies deliver important nutrients that kids need, with zero grams of sugar.

Delicious and nutritious treat for ages 4+
 Provides essential nutrients kids need, including zinc and vitamins A, B, C, D3, & E


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Zinc Glycinate    

Highly absorbable zinc glycinate designed to support healthy immune system function and overall wellness.*

Well-tolerated zinc formula designed for seasonal immune stress*
 Supports healthy immunity, antioxidant activity, and enzyme function*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Nordic Immune™ Daily Defense     

Getting the right vitamins, minerals, and nutrients is essential to your body’s ability to respond to daily immune stressors. Nordic Immune Daily Defense helps answer this need by supporting innate and adaptive immune cell functions throughout your body to help keep you well.*

Blend of standardized elderberry, essential vitamins D3 and C, and zinc glycinate
 Promotes the body’s natural innate and adaptive immune mechanisms*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Children's DHA Gummies    

Children's DHA Gummies pack 600 mg of pure omega-3s into a tasty treat that kids love.


Yummy omega-3 fish oil gummies for kids ages 2+
 Promote healthy brain and nervous system development, and immune function*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  Vitamin B Complex    

Delivering physiologically meaningful doses of eight highly absorbable and water-soluble B vitamins, Nordic Naturals Vitamin B Complex supports daily cellular operations and helps optimize important metabolic activities throughout the body.*


Full-spectrum B complex with biologically accessible coenzyme forms
  Supports daily cellular maintenance and optimizes important metabolic activities*


  Vitamin B Complex
  Nordic Flora™ Digestive Enzymes     

Featuring a select group of high-quality enzymes, Nordic Flora™ Digestive Enzymes supports normal digestive processes and optimizes nutrient availability by helping the body break down carbohydrates, proteins, and fats into smaller, digestible molecules.*


Supports normal digestive processes and optimizes nutrient availability*
  Works across a wide pH range—from the acidic stomach to pH-neutral upper intestinal tract*


  Digestive Enzymes
  Zero Sugar Curcumin Gummies    

Offering 200 mg of highly bioavailable Longvida Optimized Curcumin per serving, Zero Sugar Curcumin Gummies provides natural support for nervous system, cardiovascular, joint, and immune health.*


Addresses metabolic stress and promotes antioxidant pathways*
  No added sugar, artificial coloring or flavoring, or preservatives


  Curcumin Gummies
  Zero Sugar Melatonin Gummies    

Zero Sugar Melatonin Gummies helps remediate the effects of melatonin irregularity and insufficiency to promote healthy sleep patterns and immune functioning without compromising daytime alertness.*


Easily customizable dosing options to avoid morning drowsiness*
  No added sugar, artificial coloring or flavoring, or preservatives


  Melatonin Gummies
  * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
   These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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