The True Partnership Difference

Your Solution for Omega-3 Success

Omega oils have become an essential component of every health protocol. Because they are in high demand, many professional brands have added omega-3 fish oil products as a line extension. That's where Nordic Naturals differs.


For nearly 20 years, omega-3 nutrition has remained the passion and sole focus of Nordic Naturals. As a brand that focuses exclusively on one thing, we are uniquely positioned to partner with you in sharing the power of omega-3s with your patients and community.


Nordic Naturals is a privately held company, and is committed to remaining so for generations to come. We carefully consider our customers' experience, and control every aspect of product quality. Our omega-3 focus allows us to serve your practice with The True Partnership Difference.




1. Omega Oils You Can Trust


Nordic Naturals' award-winning omega-3 oils deliver a consistently positive experience. Our well-earned reputation for excellence spans nearly 20 years. Because fish oil quality is verifiable, we test every batch for purity and freshness, and consistently surpass stringent international standards. As a company committed to transparency, we invite you to ask for a Certificate of Analysis and compare.

bul  Great-Tasting = Compliance = Results

bul  Third-Party Tested to Verify Exceptional Purity
bul  All Products in Superior Triglyceride Form
bul  Research-Backed Efficacy
bul  Sustainably Sourced


2. Expert Education


Since our founding in 1995, Nordic Naturals has been committed to omega-3 research and education. We equip you with the tools you need to effectively share the power of essential fatty acids with your patients and staff.

bul  Essential Staff Training

bul  Patient Education
bul  Online Training Library
bul  Newsletter and Blog Content
bul  Omega-3 Experts on Staf


3. Unparalleled Support


From advertising opportunities to product advice to pricing guarantees, we are committed to providing you with all the support you need to make omega-3s a success in your practice.

bul  Free Samples

bul  Staff Discounts
bul  Co-op Advertising
bul  Health Fair Support
bul  Expert Product Advice
bul  Professional Pricing Guarantee
bul  Authorized Reseller Program


4. Omega-3 Blood Testing


Omega-3 needs vary from patient to patient. Lipid Labs LLC has developed the most comprehensive blood omega-3 analysis in the industry. As the sole distributor for practitioner-exclusive kits, Nordic Naturals is pleased to make this important diagnostic tool available to our partners. Additionally, health care practitioners who open a Lipid Labs account will receive two complimentary testing kits.

bul  Free Omega-3 Blood Spot Test Materials

bul  Free Omega-3 Staff Tests
bul  Expert Dosing Protocols


5. Flexible Ordering


Nordic Naturals is a specialty brand, not a one-stop shop. Our goal is to make it easy for our professional partners to do business with us. We understand the importance of flexibility and have developed many exciting new programs to serve this objective. Our ongoing goal will be to continually enhance your experience as a true partner with Nordic Naturals.

bul  No Minimums

bul  Drop Shipping
bul  Online Ordering
bul  Patient-Direct Ordering

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