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    Nordic Naturals New Products
  Omega Focus New!    

Now made for adults, our unique combination of concentrated omega-3s plus four synergistic nutrients supports healthy brain cell function to optimize neurological health and promote concentration.*


1350 mg omega-3s plus phosphatidylcholine, magnesium, L-carnosine, and zinc
Supports mental acuity and cognitive function*


  Omega Focus
  Curcumin Gummies New!    

Delicious mango-flavored Curcumin Gummies help promote a healthy response to inflammation throughout the body.*


Gelatin-free, vegetarian gummies with no added sugar
200 mg Longvida® Optimized Curcumin for better absorption


  Marine Collagen
  Melatonin Gummies New!    

Fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with these delicious raspberry-flavored gummies, which help facilitate deep sleep throughout the night.*


Natural raspberry-flavored, vegetarian gummies, with no added sugar
1.5 mg melatonin per gummy to support healthy sleep patterns*


  Melatonin Gummies
  Marine Collagen New!    

A rejuvenating addition to your favorite beverage or smoothie, Marine Collagen helps keep your skin healthy and strong with small, easily absorbable type 1 collagen peptides.*


4200 mg of easily absorbable collagen
Mild strawberry flavor with no fishy taste


  Marine Collagen
  Kids Nordic Flora Probiotic Pixies New!    

Two powerhouse strains in a fun-to-eat, delicious probiotic powder that melts on the tongue.


Promotes overall digestive and immune health*
No artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, or preservatives


  Kids Nordic Flora Probiotic Pixies
  * These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.
   These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.