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Nutrition / BY Denise John, PhD

An Introduction to Vitamin D

Vitamin D is important for overall health and a growing body of research is continually unveiling its significance. Supplemental vitamin D is needed for most people to get sufficient amounts.

Nutrition / BY Denise John, PhD

The Importance of Vitamin D during Pregnancy

Research findings suggest that most pregnant women should increase their vitamin D intake to more than what’s included in a standard prenatal vitamins.

Nutrition / BY Kate Turner, MA, RD, CPT

Healthy Foods that Support Fertility

Nutritional and lifestyle changes are some of the most promising interventions to help women improve their changes of getting pregnant.

Nutrition / BY Gina Jaeger, PhD

An Introduction to Omega-3 Fats

Today’s typical Western diet is often deficient in EPA and DHA, placing people at risk for innumerable suboptimal health outcomes.