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    Nordic Naturals New Products
  ProOmega® 2000-D    

ProOmega 2000-D adds 1000 IU of natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol) to our most concentrated fish oil, with 2000 mg EPA+DHA in the highly-absorbable, triglyceride molecular form.


2000 mg EPA+DHA plus 1000 IU of natural vitamin D3 per serving
 Unmatched support for heart, brain, and eye health*


  ProOmega 2000-D
  ProDHA™ Memory    

ProDHA™ Memory is a potent, DHA-rich blend of concentrated omega-3s, curcumin, and key nutrients for brain health.*


Supports cognitive clarity and memory function*
 Helps protect neurons and their support cells*


  ProDHA Memory
  ProOmega® 2000 Jr.    

ProOmega® 2000 Jr. is our highest-concentration triglyceride-form omega-3 oil, now in a smaller soft gel.


Brain, heart, and immune support for kids and adults*
 Delicious natural strawberry flavor


  ProOmega 2000 Jr.
  Nordic Berries (Cherry Berry Flavor)    

Our iconic multivitamin now comes in TWO great flavors—classic sweet-and-sour citrus and new cherry berry!


Essential nutrients for kids and adults alike (ages 2+)
 Includes full-spectrum B vitamins


  Nordic Berries Cherry Berry Flavor
  ProOmega® CRP    

ProOmega® CRP offers a powerful new solution for systemic cellular stress.*
This unique formulation combines concentrated omega-3s plus optimized curcumin and the potent antioxidants L-Glutathione and N-Acetylcysteine (NAC).


Promotes cellular recovery by reducing oxidative stress*
Highly bioavailable ingredients


  Probiotic Gummies Kids    

Probiotic Gummies Kids is a synergistic formula that combines a potent probiotic with prebiotic fiber to help rebalance intestinal flora and support digestive health in children two years and older. *


No refrigeration required
Delicious merry berry punch flavor


  Vitamin D3 Gummies Kids    

Vitamin D3 Gummies Kids is a safe, effective, easy way for parents to give their children with the vitamin D3 they need. Each gummy provides 100% of the daily value of natural vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol).


For ages 4+
 Delicious wild watermelon splash flavor


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   These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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