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    Nordic Naturals® Processing Facility in Arctic Norway– Marine Stewardship Council Certified      

In line with Nordic Naturals' long–term investments in sustainable fish oil manufacturing, our processing facility in Arctic Norway has received Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) Chain of Custody certification, an important step for the environment, our company, and the confidence of our customers. The MSC is an international non–profit organization set up to help transform the seafood market to a sustainable basis.


MSC Chain of Custody certification is a comprehensive traceability program that traces seafood from the fresh case back to a MSC–certified fishery. It ensures that MSC–labeled products are sourced from a fishery that is MSC certified, and it protects buyers and the fishery from fraudulent labeling and risks from fisheries carrying products from illegal, unregulated, and unreported fishing. As a result, the sustainability of the seafood product is ensured and the MSC–certified fishery of origin receives well–deserved recognition for its responsible fishing practices. In short, certification assures customers of the integrity of each step in the manufacturing process by, "recognizing and rewarding good management and sustainable practices." We are pleased to announce that our processing plant in Svolvær, Norway has passed this high bar.


To obtain Chain of Custody certification, Nordic Naturals had to pass an independent audit that was conducted by an accredited certification body, and will undergo annual surveillance audits to demonstrate that it continues to meet the MSC standard. Audits review practices such as:


bullet pointA randomly chosen batch reconciliation or traceability test to measure input and
  output of fish quantities as MSC fish are processed

bullet pointA management control system that is understood and applied by all staff

bullet pointProper labeling and storage of MSC-certified fish

bullet pointAccurate and reliable record-keeping


Nordic Naturals is excited to work with the MSC to help improve the viability of the oceans and fish stocks we all rely on for nutrition and good health.


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