What is COOP Advertising

What is COOP Advertising

Nordic Naturals' Cooperative Advertising Program is a great way to boost your sales and increase awareness of your store! Pair your promotions with a Co-Op Ad to take full advantage of this unique opportunity.

What is Cooperative Advertising?
Cooperative advertising ("co-op") is a cost-sharing arrangement between Nordic Naturals and your business where
Nordic Naturals pays a part of your advertising cost in exchange for featuring our brand and/or products in your ad.

We see co-op ads every day, both locally and nationally. We see it when health food stores advertise a specific brand of supplements, or when a large chain store features "Horizon" milk instead of a competing brand.

Co-op Advertising is a classic win-win.
Co-op advertising can offer many benefits to you and your store:

• It reduces the cost of your current advertising

• In turn, it can allow you to advertise more frequently, or with bigger and more colorful ads

• It can allow you to explore new media for advertising, including radio, TV, print, online, etc.,
giving you more exposure to a bigger audience

• Most importantly, it can help increase sales and expand your customer base!

Nordic Naturals also enjoys benefits from co-op:

• It increases overall awareness of our brand
• It increases your sales, in turn increasing our sales
• It ultimately allows us to advance our mission of correcting the global omega-3 deficiency

Get involved!
Here are the next steps:

• Contact your Nordic Naturals Sales Representative to find out what funds are available to you
(you may also contact Nordic Naturals directly using the contact information below)

• Once approved, Nordic Naturals can create a beautiful custom ad just for you, free of charge!
4 weeks advance notice is required for this option

• Or, you can create the ad—Nordic Naturals can provide product images and logos for this purpose
Nordic Naturals must approve a proof of the ad prior to publication

• Once the ad has run, submit a copy of the paid invoice and an ad copy ("tear sheet") for reimbursement

• Short on time? Nordic Naturals can provide pre-made promotional flyers for your use, free of charge!
Contact us for more information

Please review our Cooperative Advertising Policy for complete information on this exciting program!

Angie Rios
Promotions Coordinator
800-662-2544 x143

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