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August 15, 2012
Head Back to School with these Kid-Friendly Essentials--Omega-3s Boost Memory and Learning in Children

When it comes to academics, every parent wants their child to be a top performer. As children head back to school, it’s important for parents to learn what the latest science has uncovered regarding the remarkable power of omega-3 essential fatty acids. Better grades,1 memory and learning ability,2 and even a reduction in ADHD symptoms3 all have been scientifically linked to adequate intake of the omega-3s EPA and DHA.

Considered essential for optimal health, eicosapentaeoic acid (EPA) and docosahexenoic acid (DHA) are omega-3 essential fatty acids that cannot be manufactured by the body, and therefore must be consumed through diet or supplementation. The vast majority of children are not getting enough omega-3s because they do not regularly consume enough cold-water fish.4


Research shows that a high-quality, purified fish oil supplement is the safest, most reliable source of the EPA and DHA children require for healthy physical and mental development.5,6  When finding supplements for children, taste and formulation are critical. If products are tasty and easy-to-chew or swallow, children will enjoy taking them.


Dr. Christopher Mohr, noted U.S. fitness and nutritional expert, believes parents should view omega-3 supplements in the same way they view multivitamins. “The benefits received from obtaining adequate levels of omega-3 fats go on forever,” Mohr says. “I believe they should be as ‘mainstream’ as a simple multivitamin.”

Nordic Naturals®, a global leader in omega-3s, gives parents a safe, pure, and easy way to get all the benefits of omega-3s and multivitamins into their children’s diets with a variety of tasty liquid and chewable products. Each is naturally fruit-flavoured and completely free from any fishy taste or aftertaste.

The range of products includes:

Children’s DHA™ – Kids everywhere love Nordic Naturals strawberry-flavoured Children’s DHA. Made entirely from wild Arctic cod, this formula is rich in the omega-3 DHA. Supports memory, mood, learning, and focus for ages 3+. Available in both liquid and chewable soft gels.



Nordic Naturals Back-to-School



Ultimate Omega Junior® – Double-strength EPA+DHA in a great-tasting, half-size strawberry-flavoured soft gel that can be swallowed or chewed. Supports brain and visual function, and a healthy nervous system.

Nordic Berries™ – Chewable multivitamins provide 100% of the daily value for the most essential nutrients. No artificial colorings, flavorings or preservatives. Delicious sweet-and-sour taste.

Parents will also be glad to know that:

·         Nordic Naturals products surpass strict international standards for purity and freshness.

·         The company’s oxygen-free, proprietary processing guarantees exceptional freshness from boat to bottle.

·         Leading freshness and 100% natural flavouring ensure no fishy smell, taste or aftertaste.

·         100% of fish is wild caught and sustainably sourced.

·         Every batch of oils is independently tested to guarantee purity.

Nordic Naturals’ children’s products are available from health stores and pharmacies. They are exclusively distributed in Ireland by Ambermed Ltd. Further information is available by contacting Ambermed at +353 (0)61 397533 or info@ambermedltd.com.

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