Recognizing the interconnectedness of evironmental and community health, Nordic Naturals has a strong record of Corporate Responsibility

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    Corporate Social Responsibility

Embracing Our Communities and Our Customers
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a movement that encourages companies to embrace responsibility for the impact their activities have on customers, employees, communities, and the environment. At Nordic Naturals, CSR is guided by our mission to improve health and nutrition around the world, and our values to encourage community growth and voluntarily eliminate harmful practices. As a manufacturer of premium omega-3 fish oil and other foundational nutrients, we recognize that our presence is felt from the oceans where we source our fish, to the communities in which we process and distribute our products. For us, CSR means taking steps to proactively improve the quality of life of our employees, their families, and our customers, and to preserve the health of the environment and society at large.


Philanthropic Cause Partners

Nordic Naturals philanthropy supports the work of many important organizations. These have included:


Best Friends Animal Society
Big Brothers Big Sisters 
Homeless Garden Project
Kids in Need Foundation
Pajaro Valley Community Health Trust
Paws and Stripes
Save our Shores
Second Harvest Food Bank
Toys for Tots
United Way
Vitamin Angels
Watsonville Wetlands Watch
WAVES for Development
Wild Cat Sanctuary


Employment Practices
Collective Inspiration
At Nordic Naturals we respect each individual for their uniqueness and the value they bring to our organization. We place an emphasis on self-empowerment and positive inner development.

We work interactively as an organization to encourage goal setting and excellence in both our personal and professional lives. Our team embodies a culture of integrity and we encourage everyone to live longer, healthier lives.

We offer comprehensive health benefits to employees including: maternity leave, paid time off, a retirement plan, bonuses and recognition, as well as paid educational opportunities that relate to their job.

All fishermen are compensated with highly competitive wages and protected by Norwegian labor laws. According to the WHO (World Health Organization), Norwegian labor laws are among the strictest in the world. Both the fishermen in Arctic Norway, and the Norwegian company that owns and operates the fishing fleet that harvests our South Pacific fish, are required by law to follow these strict Norwegian labor laws.

Our practices instill values that are integral to success as individuals and as a collective whole.


Business Relationships
Integrity Worldwide
Nordic Naturals has strong and conscientious business partners that hold the company's mission with integrity. A sense of fairness and honesty is present in all channels of distribution. By creating loyal and lasting relationships with our customers and vendors we maintain trust in our industry. Our ethics and  awareness naturally demand truthful business relationships worldwide.


The Road Ahead
A Continuing Commitment
Nordic Naturals is continually looking for environmentally and socially responsible solutions to our everyday business practices. We encourage everyone to bring forward a commitment to environmental and social health by incorporating similar practices into their daily lives.


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