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2017 Professional Conferences      

April 18th
Sacramento Valley Optometric Society
Sacramento, CA

April 28th - 30th
Michigan Association of Chiropractors
Kalamazoo, MI

May 1st-3rd
Weil Conference

Phoenix, AZ


May 3rd-6th
Vision Source

Nashville, TN

May 5th-7th
New Mexico Chiropractic Association
Albuquerque, NM
June 1st-3rd
Institute of Functional Medicine
Los Angeles, CA
June 12th-16th
Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice
Washington, DC
July 12th-15th
American Association of Naturopathic Physicians
Phoenix, AZ
August 23rd-27th
Florida Chiropractic Association

September 13th-16th
Vision Expo West

Las Vegas, NV


September TBD
Medical Academy of Pediatric Special Needs



September 28th-October 1st
Integrative Medicine for Mental Health

Orange County, CA


September 28th-October 1st
Great Western Council of Optometry

Portland, OR


September 28th-October 3rd
Life University

Marietta, GA


October 14th-18th
National Community Pharmacists Association

Orlando, FL


October 19th-24th
Institute of Functional Medicine

Denver, CO


November 2nd-5th
East West Eye

Cleveland, OH


November 11th-14th
American Academy of Ophthalmology

New Orleans, LA


November 12th-16th
Applying Functional Medicine in Clinical Practice

Chicago, IL

November 17th-19th
California Optometric Association Monterey Symposium
Monterey, CA
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