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Brain & Memory Support

EPA: 340 mg
DHA: 510 mg

Arctic Cod Liver Oil™

Our Arctic Cod Liver Oil is made with fish that are in abundant supply and rich in omega-3s. Arctic cod (Skrei) is naturally high in DHA, but also contains meaningful levels of EPA. Both promote brain and mood health.* Like all of our oils, for our Arctic Cod Liver Oil, we carefully manage every step of production from boat to bottle to ensure exceptionally fresh, stable, and effective oil.

EPA: 205 mg
DHA: 480 mg


DHA is a concentrated fish oil formula that provides high levels of DHA to support cognition, memory, and mood, while also providing a touch of EPA for balance.* Although EPA and DHA work in tandem, research shows that each fatty acid plays different roles in optimizing health. DHA is recognized as particularly important to brain health.* These soft gels are half the size of a standard soft gel, making them easier to swallow, and the patented, natural strawberry flavor means they taste great.

EPA: 410 mg
DHA: 960 mg

DHA Xtra™

DHA Xtra is a double dose of our concentrated DHA formula. It comes in larger 1000 mg soft gels that are perfect for anyone needing high intensity brain and mood support.* DHA Xtra also helps maintain cellular fluidity, and supports memory and cognition.*

    High Intensity:
EPA: 295 mg
DHA: 300 mg
Phospholipids: 448 mg

Omega-3 Phospholipids™

Omega-3 Phospholipids combines one of our top-selling triglyceride-form fish oils with phospholipid-bound omega-3s from sustainably sourced herring roe. This unique formulation has naturally occurring phosphatidyl choline, and meets the expert-recommended dose of 500 mg omega-3 essential fatty acids per day. It provides high intensity support for brain and cognitive health.

EPA: 280 mg
DHA: 560 mg
Optimized Curcumin: 400 mg

Omega Memory

Omega Memory is a blend of four potent nutrients, all known to help maintain optimal brain health.* We selected the most bioavailable form of each nutrient. In combination, they work even more effectively to support cognitive clarity, memory function, and neurological health.*




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