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Heart Health

EPA: 650 mg
DHA: 450 mg
CoQ10: 100 mg

Ultimate Omega® +CoQ10

A combination of the concentrated fish oil found in our Ultimate Omega formula and the important heart nutrient Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone).* CoQ10 levels have been shown to decrease with age, and in people taking statin drugs. Ultimate Omega + CoQ10 promotes heart health by helping to maintain CoQ10 levels in order to support the heart’s overall energy needs.*

Coenzyme Q10: 100 mg

CoQ10 Gummies

With 100 mg Coenzyme Q10 in each strawberry gummy, our CoQ10 Gummies help maintain CoQ10 levels, which can decline with age. Important for cellular energy production, CoQ10 supports the heart’s overall energy needs, and also helps to neutralize free radicals.*

EPA: 1060 mg
DHA: 260 mg

EPA Xtra™

This concentrated fish oil formula offers one of the highest concentrations of EPA available in triglyceride form without a prescription. Although EPA and DHA provide synergistic benefits when taken together, research shows that each fatty acid plays different roles in optimizing health. This formula provides exceptionally high levels of EPA for increased cardiovascular benefits in fewer soft gels, while also providing healthy levels of DHA.*

EPA: 585 mg
DHA: 405 mg
RYR: 1200 mg
CoQ10: 30 mg

Omega LDL™

This formula combines the concentrated fish oil found in our Ultimate Omega formula with the important heart nutrients Red Yeast Rice and Coenzyme Q10 (Ubiquinone). A natural red-pigmented yeast grown on rice, Red Yeast Rice has been shown in numerous studies to support healthy blood lipid and cholesterol levels.* We’ve also added ubiquinone-form CoQ10 for additional heart support.* By combining these nutrients, this formula synergistically promotes cardiovascular function and healthy cholesterol levels.*

    High Intensity:
EPA: 1125 mg
DHA: 875 mg

Ultimate Omega® 2X

Ultimate Omega 2X features our ultra-concentrated omega-3 oil for even more omegas in fewer soft gels. In a slightly larger soft gel that delivers 1000 mg EPA+DHA, this powerful concentrate offers one or two soft gel serving options to meet a broad range of unique nutritional needs.* Ultimate Omega 2X is ideal for individuals needing the highest levels of omega-3s EPA and DHA in their most bioavailable form, and for those whose doctors prescribe 2000+ mg of omega-3s daily.




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